Druktest max test case for tightness measurements with internal pressure sensor with an accuracy of 0.25 %, resolution up to 0.1 mbar, measuring range up to 1.6 bar. - menu-guided test procedures: - G-07 and G-12 VIAG Netherlands included - G-22 VIAG Netherlands to MOP 100 mbar (optional) - G-12 service line connection Stedin (Company Guidelines, Netherlands) - Pressure test free (optional) - large, illuminated display, easy to read even in direct sunlight - data input and signature via touch display - internal pump and pressure release valve for automatic test pressure generation - data memory for hundreds of measurements, depending on test procedure - communication via Bluetooth - LTE / GPS module (optional) - robust case (IP 67) - operating time several days, depending on test procedure - dimensions: approx. 263 x 205 x 110 mm, weight: approx. 2300 g