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Option AGFW FW 602
Option AGFW FW 602Menu-guided pressure test procedures for carrying out pressure tests on district heating pipes according to AGFW FW 602 (Germany): - Differential pressure measurement method (air) - Pressure measurement method (air) - Simultaneous pressure measurement (air) - Water pressure test
Option Wastewater EN 1610
Option Wastewater EN 1610Menu-guided test procedures for carrying out pressure tests on wastewater pipelines and manholes in accordance with the regulations EN 1610 (Europe), DWA-A 139 (Germany) and DWA-M 149-6 (Germany). This option includes the following menu items in the device: Wastewater Procedure Air : Carry out the tests with the test medium air in accordance with the regulations mentioned. EDS2-P 1 bar pressure sensor required. Wastewater Procedure water: Carry out the tests with the test medium water in accordance with the regulations mentioned. EDS2 level probe and EDS2 dosing valve required. The menu item "Wastewater Procedure Water" will only be completed in Q2/2023 and can be installed via an update of the device without additional booking as soon as it is available.
Option EN 805
Option EN 805Menu-driven test procedures for pressure tests on water pipes according to rules and regulations of EN 805 (Europe): - Contraction procedure - Normal procedure
Option Gas UNE 60311 MOP<=5bar
Option Gas UNE 60311 MOP<=5barMenu-driven pressure test procedures for gas pipelines according to UNE 60311 (Spain): UNE 60311: gas lines designed for MOP <= 5 bar
Option Gas UNE MOP>5bar
Option Gas UNE MOP>5barMenu-driven pressure test procedures for gas pipelines according to following standards (Spain): UNE 60310: gas lines designed for 5 bar < MOP <= 16 bar UNE EN 1594: gas lines designed for MOP > 16 bar
Annual fee option package "smart MPP"
Annual fee option package "smart MPP"The option package includes the use of the additional functions “option remote control“ and „option air volume measurement“ in the smart memo. The period of use is one year. The annual fee is due on date of order in terms of prepaid charges. After expiration of the period of use the option package will be inactivated. A new or subsequent order of the option package can be placed at any time. The annual fee can be payed for multiple years in advance. This option package can only be used in conjunction with the motor tes pumps MPP 30-30/ MPP 70-35 and the smart memo. Another requirement is the option „flow measurement“ in the MPP 30-30/MPP 70-35. The following services are included: Option remote control This option means that the smart memo and the MPP 30-30/MPP 70-35 can communicate with each other and exchange measured values. Test sequences for water pressure tests can be carried out partially automated. The smart memo controls the pump and starts/stops the pressure control/maintenance at the right time. Option air volume measurement With the help of this option in combination with the MPP 30-30/MPP 70-35 a determination of the residual air in the tested pipe is performed. Directly after the end of the pressure build-up phase, a rating for the absence of air in the pipe is displayed. With the air volume measurement, the smart memo can detect critical high air contents at an early stage and the user is spared unnecessary time and effort. For the time being, this function is only available for the contraction method (W 400-2/W 101/EN805). This option can currently only be configured after the LTE-GPS Option (222610) has been selected.
Option DVGW G 469 C3
Option DVGW G 469 C3
Opcja - pompa
Opcja - pompazintegrowana pompa o natężeniu przepływu ok. 20 l/h Pompa przesyła gaz przez różne dostępne sondy do sensorów. Nypel, zawierający filtr, na górnej stronie obudowy służy do podłączenia sond do przyrządu. Czas pracy zostaje skrócony o ok. 40% w porównaniu do wersja dyfuzyjnej. Wymiary przyrządu ze zintegrowaną pompą: 171 x 78 x 43 mm Waga: ok. 380 g
Option DVGW W 400-2
Option DVGW W 400-2Menu-driven pressure test procedures for water pipes according to German DVGW W 400-2 - Contraction procedure - Accelerated normal procedure - Normal procedure - Influence-minimized normal procedure
Opcja - Sensor Array
Opcja - Sensor ArrayMożliwe zakresy pomiaru/wskazań (podlega konfiguracji): ppm 0 - 22 000 ppm metanu DGW 0 - 100% DGW metanu % obj. 0 - 100 % obj. metanu Dokładność zależy od wybranego zastosowania i można ją ustawić w określonych granicach.
Option DVGW G 469 B3
Option DVGW G 469 B3Menu-guided pressure test procedures for gas network connections and gas distribution lines according to follwing german standards: - German DVGW G 459-1 according to G 469 B3 procedure - German DVGW G 469 B3 Pressure measuring method
Option LTE GPS module smart memo
Option LTE GPS module smart memoLTE GPS module option. LTE and GPS module for simple, direct transmission of Measurement and GPS position data e.g. to an e-mail address. An LTE data package is included and permits the sending of 100 measurements (report e.g. in PDF format).
Opcja - Sensor Dual IR
Opcja - Sensor Dual IROpcjonalny pomiar gazów palnych i dwutlenku węgla (podwójny czujnik IR) Zakresy pomiarowe: DGW 0 - 100% DGW metanu % obj. 0 - 100 % obj. metan CO2 0 - 5% obj. Dokładność zależy od wybranego zastosowania.
Option regulator test
Option regulator testContains the following menu items: Regulator test, regulator test automated & regulator test external if an external pressure sensor (EDS2-P) is connected
Opcja - Inspekcja budynków
Opcja - Inspekcja budynków
Opcja - Pomiar ciśnienia
Opcja - Pomiar ciśnieniaOpcjonalny pomiar ciśnienia Zakres pomiarowy: 0-1 bar Rozdzielczość: 0,1 mbar Dokładność: 0,5% FS.
Opcja - Pomiar tlenu
Opcja - Pomiar tlenuZakres pomiarowy: 0 - 25% obj. O2 Dokładność: 0,1% obj.
Opcja pomiar tlenu
Opcja pomiar tlenuZakres pomiarowy: 0 - 25% obj. O2 Rozdzielczość: 0,1% obj.
Opcja czystość gazu
Opcja czystość gazuDo testowania braku lub czystości gazu podczas czyszczenia rurociągu. Zakresy pomiarowe: - CH4: 0-100 obj.% - O2: 0-25% obj. (oddzielna opcja) Rezolucja: - CH4: 0,1% obj. - O2: 0,1% obj.
opcja pomiaru tlenu Laser HUNTER
opcja pomiaru tlenu Laser HUNTERMontaż czujnika tlenu Zakres pomiarowy: 0 - 25% obj. O2 Rozdzielczość: 0,1% obj.
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