Optional module for the smart memo to automatically perform pressure drop tests and pressure reduction during water pressure tests. The EDS2 automatic drain is connected directly to the test head HANS with an integrated hose piece. On the outlet side, a suitable EDS2-V must be connected to the EDS2 automatic pressure release. The automatic pressure release only works in combination with an EDS2-V for digital recording of the water volume! The automatic drain is currently supported in the following processes: W 400-2: contraction procedure, accelerated standard procedure, standard procedure, infuence-minimized standard procedure W 101: contraction procedure, standard procedure EN 805: contraction procedure, standard procedure Mechanical connections: - hose connection with nipple series 5000 on the inlet side - on the outlet side coupling Series 5000 - bracket for fixing to the test stand pipe Electrical connections: - 1x socket B11 on the inlet side (power supply via smart memo) - on the outlet side, 3x connector B11 for direct connection of further EDS2 sensors (no additional T-pieces necessary) max. pressure 30 bar max. flow 75 liters/minute